About GSA

The University of Montana Graduate Student Association (UMGSA or GSA) is a representative student group advocates on behalf of graduate and professional students.  We work to address the needs, concerns, and interests of the graduate student body in collaboration with undergraduate and graduate student groups and associations, state and local community members and leadership, faculty, staff, and administration.

We also want to make your experience at UM as positive, fun, and educational as possible.  We’re working hard on many fronts to make that happen.  A few examples of our previous successes include: 1) changing the 6-credit insurance rule for grad students, 2) developing a “best practices” policy for graduate advisors, and 3) representation of grad students with ASUM and the University administration.  In the future, we hope to promote more social meetups and academic discussion.  With over 2000 graduate and professional students here at UM, we represent the largest special student group on campus.


The University of Montana Graduate Student Association believes that graduate students are entitled to an equal voice among campus leadership and student organizations.  The GSA acts as that collective voice in support of graduate student needs and concerns by advocating social unity, relevant academic opportunities, and necessary resource allocation.  The GSA supports a culture of equality, diversity, creativity, sustainability, and engagement.

Mission Statement

The GSA seeks to work in concert with relevant governing bodies by advocating and providing responsible representation for graduate and professional student. In preparation for successful careers in diverging fields, the GSA calls for campus leadership to continually review and support graduate education at the University of Montana campus and all affiliate graduate programming.  The GSA organizes and generates support of graduate student life with respect to these issues, so that students may be empowered and provided necessary opportunity for a fruitful and rewarding graduate experience.

The UMGSA Constitution


2014-2015 Executive Team

Sara Williams  - Co-President




Ryder Delaloye – Co-President



Doug Brugger- Vice-President



Nancy Wilson - Secretary